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Born in 1967, Anne Middleton grew up in an environment surrounded by art and beauty. Her childhood spent in the forests of the Dandenong Ranges, surrounded by the paintings of artist parents, Max and Elsa, has resulted in Anne’s fascination with painting natural form. Anne’s paintings display a fascination with the rigorous beauty of extreme realism.

Anne has a particular interest in the classical painting techniques of the Baroque and Renaissance periods. In 1995 she studied traditional Fresco and Egg Tempera painting techniques in Italy. Her current paintings utilize traditional oil glazing techniques, which involves the use of many layers of transparent oil paint to build incredible colour intensity and luminosity. In 2004, Anne was the first Australian to be awarded a Fellowship from the prestigious Bogliasco Foundation in Italy.

Anne is also Director of Anne Middleton Gallery. She currently works full-time in her Albert Park studio painting.

1995 Diploma of Techniques in Mural Painting,
Il Laboratorio per Affresco di Vainella, Prato Italy
1985 - 1988 Bachelor of Education (Arts & Crafts)
Melbourne College of Advanced Education/Melbourne University

Additional Studies
Bogliasco Foundation Fellowship, Genoa Italy, September/October 2004 Expertise in traditional and contemporary techniques of paint application, including traditional oil glazing methods, direct oil painting, egg tempera on board, and pastel painting.

Theoretical and working knowledge of the following techniques (traditional and contemporary) of fresco painting: buon-fresco, secco (egg, milk,casein and glue temperas) encausto, stucco-lucido and sgraffito. Contemporary techniques of stucco (Ornamental


Solo Exhibitions
1998 Span Galleries Melbourne CREASES
1999 Hotel Sofitel Melbourne SOURCE
2000 Hotel Sofitel Melbourne Food & Wine Festival Exhibition
2001 Fenix Restaurant
2005 Anne Middleton Gallery
2006 Anne Middleton Gallery- Artist In Residence
2008 Indabella, Pokfulam, Hong Kong
2009 Lovegrove Winery, Yarra Valley, LUSH RIPE JUICY


Group Exhibitions
2011 Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery , AFFORDABLE ART FAIR SINGAPORE
2011 Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery, TORONTO INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR
2011 Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery, ART HAMPTONS
2011 Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery, AFFORDABLE ART FAIR NEW YORK
2011 Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery. ART MELBOURNE 11
2009 Anne Middleton Gallery, Royal Exhibition Buildings, ART MELBOURNE 09
2006 Anne Middleton Gallery OCEANIA AUSTRALIS
2006 Anne Middleton Gallery, MOTHER, FATHER, DAUGHTER.
2006 Southside Arts - Hon. John Thwaites Offices, Treasury Place, East Melbourne
2005 Toyota Community Spirit Gallery, NEOMILLENIUM
2005 Albert Park Gallery, THE COLLECTOR'S SHOW
2005 Anne Middleton Gallery, ART & SOUL
2005 Anne Middleton Gallery, LANDSCAPE
2005 Sofitel Melbourne, ART & SOUL
2004 Albert Park Gallery, ARTIST IN RESIDENCE
2004 Albert Park Gallery, THE INNER LANDSCAPE
2004 Toyota Community Spirit Gallery, BRIDGE
2004 Albert Park Gallery, COLOUR
2003 Albert Park Gallery, LUSH
2002 Charles Nodrum Gallery THE PAINTED FOLD
1999 Old Treasury, Melbourne THE DEEP SOUTH
1998 Aboriginal Art Galleries of Australia, Melbourne: FUSE
1995 Palazzo Massi, Arezzo, Italy
1989 Massoni Gallery, Melbourne Australia: oil painting
1989 Women's Gallery, Melbourne Australia 1989: oil paintings